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Landscape & European style

Make your home magnificent with mural wallpaper from the custom hand-painted scenic panoramic wallpaper. The mural panels in the Worldviews collection include panoramas of faraway places. These mural panoramics are fine hand-painted productions of antique wallpaper murals from the fine French manufacturers of the 18th and 19th Century, Instead of printed block-printed wallpaper, this 100% handmade wallpaper interspersed with newly created designs depicting beautiful natural environments, historical scenes, and idyllic locales. They are best viewed above a chair rail, but can also be installed floor-to-ceiling or as a few panels framed within moldings.

Whether you are an interior decorator or are doing design in your own home, the mural panoramics from our business are an amazing investment. They can turn any plain room into something unbelievable and are sure to impress any guest or potential home buyer you may have. Read about our mural wallpaper and find the selections that suit your needs. We are confident that you'll fall in love with our mural panels.

Procession Chinoise
India Landscape
View of Italy
America landscapes
England Garden
Tropical Landscape
Paysage Francaise
Perfect Life
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England Garden