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Welcome to NSR HANDCRAFTS and thank you for your interest in our products. NSR HANDCRAFTS only supplies the high quality handmade wallpaper. The hand-painted wallpapers factory prices vary, depending on the wallpaper quantity , design and paper material(silk/metallic/paper wallpaper).

NSR HANDCRAFTS amids to produce series of exclusive hand-painted wallpaper designs based on classical Asian and transitional themes. These designs include floral and nature scenes which are created by us for use as wallpapers, screens and art pieces. This design idea and inspiration come from the elegant of famous traditional Chinese and Japanese painting Our designers played and expanded upon a number of our earlier themes of hand painted wallpaper design, but remain true to the tradition of turn-of-the-century elegance as reflected in the graceful custom design for every room even if only one wall.

From the wall size or room dimensions as well as the material or background color you would like to provide to us, we scale the designs and tailor the panel sizing to best incorporate all the features of the Chinoiserie wallpaper designs, More you will enjoy the pleasure of unique colorway only created for your home.
We sell products directly to retail buyers. If you place order for personal use, these detail requirements as follows are necessary:

1. It is best that send us your wall plan sketch, that will be very helpful to do a estimated budget with shipping costs and initial designs for you conference.

2. Pick up design and paper color. If you may offer your Fedex, DHL or UPS account or pay shipping fees, we would like send you some wallpaper samples and color chart for your pick up, customized sample are also available.

3. You also may offer us the design and paper color swatch and we dye the high quality silk fabric for your order.

If you have any other requirements or question, please don't hesitate to contact us
Backgrand Paper Color

Pattern Colorway
Available sizes of our wallpaper panels
         Overall Design Height Overall Panel Height
         4 feet high (122cm) 6 feet high (183cm)
         6 feet high (183cm) 8 feet high (244cm)
         8 feet high (244cm) 10 feet high (305cm)
         10 feet high (305cm) 12 feet high (366cm)
         All panels are 100~105cm wide. Customer sizes are available.
Wallpaper Material
Antique finish style on silk wallpaper Raw silk material
Metallic Silk and paper Modern Style
Paper Material
Paper/Square Paper Grounds
NSR Hand Painted Wallpaper Customized Design
NSR Hand Painted Wallpaper Customized Design
NSR Hand Painted Wallpaper Customized Design
Antique Finish Style
Antique Finish 01(Gold leaf) Antique Finish 02(Gold leaf) Antique Finish 03(Gold leaf) Antique Finish 04(Gold leaf)
Antique Finish 05 Antique Finish 06 Antique Finish 07 Antique Finish 08
Antique Finish 09 Antique Finish 10 Antique Finish 11 Antique Finish 12(Gold leaf)
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